Science in Fiction

Science in Fiction

04 May 2011

You'll never believe what happened...
Sorry, for not posting in a while.  My life became really busy as of late.  I have some back posts that I was working on, that I'll publish momentarily.

I'll give you a little anecdote as example of how my life has been going.  An example of how the universe hates me:

For my history of science class I needed to write a 10 page paper.  I decided on my topic early, ordered all the books I would need to research and write it, and thought I was all set to go.  Then, as I was trying to write the paper for the first time, my AC adapter died.  And I lost my paper because I like to write in one go, and I hadn't saved my paper along the way.  Also, I have an older laptop and can't readily acquire a new adapter. 

Okay, so I email the professor let him know what's happened, that I have to rewrite it all over again. 

Let me side step here to explain that I am an incredibly slow writer/typist.  It probably takes me 2 hours at minimum to get out a page, double spaced.  I'm such a perfectionist when I write, that I can't move forward until I like what I have already written.  It makes for slow progress.

So, back on topic, I rewrite it in the middle of studying for a test and finishing up for the final presentation for my senior design project.  I get the paper done, email it to myself and set out to get to school to print a copy to turn in—I don't have a working printer at home.  Then, my car wont start.  So, back up to the apartment to email a copy to the professor, and explain the situation.

Then, after much persistence and a bum elbow, I get my car to start and get to school.  I found a computer and pulled up my email, only to find that the document file is corrupted and just shows a bunch of symbols.  I fell into despair and my fiance attempted to make me feel better with "Oh, don't worry about it.  I'm sure we will go home and the file will be okay there.  I've had files corrupt in email before, but the original is fine."

So, I cheered up and enjoyed a boring evening with free food at the Mines Alumni dinner for graduating seniors.  The next day I checked the file, and it really was corrupted on the computer. So, I had to write it again.  My fiance turned to me at this point and offered to type it for me because I'm so slow.  So, I dictated some of my paper for him—it took about an hour, but must have saved me 5.  From there, I figured I would just wake up early and fill in with explanations and quotes to get the 10 pages.

I woke up, started up the computer, to find that Winblows wont start.  Luckily, my fiance dual boots, and as such has Linux too—which is working, thankfully.  And I could still access my file from the Windows partition.  I finished up my paper, and my fiance came home as I was emailing the file to myself to print.  He advised me to check to make sure the file would open.

So, I first saved it as .docx; that file wouldn't show the images when opened.  Next I saved it as a .odt; that had the images in the correct spots and displayed, but, for some reason, were also in the top left corner.  So, finally, I saved it as .doc, and it worked!

Then I went to school and turned it in!  I took my fiance along to help explain the situation.  Because, seriously, would you believe this story if you were a teacher?  The professor, took it and seemed fine, but I still don't think he believes me.

I hope you enjoyed my tale, and gained a little understanding on why I have been busy.

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  1. Oh, I bet he believes you. He's just not a super-emotive guy. This sounds awful, and I hope your days have improved since. And you have a handy fiance. ;)