Science in Fiction

Science in Fiction

21 March 2011

Working to Enrich Our Cell Walls

Back from spring break and ready to do a follow up to my previous Nature Made post.  I received this tip from an anonymous commenter; so, thank you Anonymous!

07 March 2011

UPDATES to The Technicalities of Technical Terms

As I mentioned in the original post, I was going to continually update that blog post in order to build a comprehensive list.  All new words will have a "*" next to it.

Go to The Technicalities of Technical Terms.

This week:

Accuracy vs. Precision
Effect vs. Affect
Speed, Velocity, & Accerlation

04 March 2011

A New Layout!
It's a new month, so I felt like updating the blog image.  I'm, also, trying new font.  Hopefully it's legible to all.  I went with green because it's my favorite color and when better to use green than the month of St. Patrick's Day!  And, now, my blog is safe from being pinched. ;P

Please answer the poll on the left so I know if this was a positive move.

And feel free to leave feed back here.  Especially, if the poll doesn't address how you feel about it.

Angels & Demons & Science
For Angels & Demons I will be covering both the book and the movieAngels & Demons is about a symbologist who is enlisted to help stop a secret society called the Illuminati from setting off an antimatter "bomb" in Vatican City.

01 March 2011

Medical Truth of House
Today I found a blog, Polite Dissent, that discuss the medicine of House.  The site covers all the seasons, 7 currently.  For each episode a synopsis and review of the medical what-have-yous are given.  The episode is also rated (A,B,C,D,F) for mystery, final solution, medicine, and "soap opera".  Soap opera is the drama between the characters.  It's a very thorough and well down site, and I highly recommend checking it out.