Science in Fiction

Science in Fiction

21 March 2011

Working to Enrich Our Cell Walls

Back from spring break and ready to do a follow up to my previous Nature Made post.  I received this tip from an anonymous commenter; so, thank you Anonymous!

Basically, Nature Made states this vitamin is supposed to enrich the cell wall... the problem is that animal cells don't have cell walls.  Cell walls is a rigid layer that exists outside the cell membrane for things like plants and fungi.  I'm guess they meant that the vitamin is supposed to enrich the cell membrane, but can't say for sure.

Brownish lettering indicates it's specific to that kind of cell.
To be honest, I find the lack of correct science from Nature Made to be rather disconcerting.  The metals from the first post and the cell walls from this one are things I learned about in high school.  I am rapidly losing my faith in this company.  The saddest part about this is that, I'm sure, the scientists from their company know these things.  They really need to get a marketing person and a scientist to communicate.  These awful science mistakes are an embarrassment for such a large company.

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