Science in Fiction

Science in Fiction

20 January 2011

Nature Made Vitamin Commercial

Recently there has been a Nature Made vitamin commercial that talked about sending the vitamins through metal detectors to make sure there are no metals that shouldn't be there. 

The main problems with this:

1) Vitamins usually have metals in them.  Since the spokeswoman didn't specify which type of vitamins, I'm assuming she means all Nature Made vitamins.  I have Nature Made vitamins that state "with iron" right on the bottle.

2) Metal detectors only work on electrically conducting metals; and need a sizable chunk to register on the detector.  Maybe they mean they're checking for metal bits from the manufacturing equipment that broke off and fell into the bottles.  If so, that's not something I want to be thinking about as a consumer of their product.  But, I guess, it's good that they check for it.

I call these types of commercials "Gimmicky Commercials."  Meaning they make, some, consumers think that their product is better by stating mundane/irrelevant facts.  Or by launching a "new" product that is better.

What are some Gimmicky Commercials that you remember?

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