Science in Fiction

Science in Fiction

26 January 2011

The Purpose & Conduct

I'm writing this post because I want to outline the purpose of my blog and to give a little background into who I am and why bad science make me squirm.
pondering science
So, let me start with the basic questions

Who:  My name is Jessica Denning and I am a senior at Colorado School of Mines.  I am majoring in engineering physics and minoring in computational and applied mathematics.  I love stories and tend to think way to much about things.

What:  Or what is this blog about?  This blog exists to point out where science goes wrong-or right-in our entertainment world.

Why:  I'm doing this to promote the portrayal of more accurate science in the entertainment world.  Furthermore, I wish to educate people.  In the sense that they will not be alarmed by something in a movie that is not possible or to deter people from buying things due to bogus science.  And, in some small way, I want to show people that "real' science can be entertaining to read/watch.

How:  I plan to correct for when the science goes wrong.  I will, also, be addressing common misconceptions about popular science ideas.
Now to some administrative stuff...

I, personally, do not use foul language.  So, I would like the language to stay PG.

I like to give the benefit of the doubt.  If I don't know why someone does something, then I try to figure out a possible reason for it.  Along this topic, I believe everyone is entitled to his/her own opinions.  So, I may not agree with someone on something, but I will not bash them for it.  I expect commenters to behave likewise (i.e. NO YouTube comments here).

Feel free to branch off in comments.  I would like them to be a discussion and discussions can change as they progress.  So, if my post or someone's comment makes you think of something, but it's not necessarily related to the topic, so you're kinda hesitant to post it, don't be.  And don't be afraid to ask me questions if you don't understand something.

I'm not an expert in anything.  I will make mistakes.  Please point me out when I'm wrong; especially if I just generally misunderstood what the book/movie/show/etc. was saying.

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