Science in Fiction

Science in Fiction

23 March 2011

The Second Blog Evaluation

I'm up for my second evaluation for the class.

Blog Format and Design
I think my blog is still simple and easy to read.  I updated to look recently, but the background continues to not be overwhelming or distracting from the content.  The link colors are different enough from the regular font to be highly visible.  I make use of font styles to give emphasis or to make things easier to read.  I am trying new font to make my blog look jazzier and more approachable. I believe that the layout is simple and makes it easy to navigate my blog and it wasn't changed when changed to look.   My posts are being categorized with labels to make it easy to search for only one type of media.  I'd still give myself a A here.

My post still may not boast in number, but I feel that they still heavy in content.  I make sure to embed videos when possible and make/find images to spice up things.  I'm laying off asking questions as a self experiment to see if it helps me get more comments or not.  I am still cycling through different forms of media in order to engage a variety of people.  My posts stay related to my blog topic.  I am improving on my writing and think I sound less stiff and more Dickens-y and personable.  I'd give myself a B here.

Commenting on my blog
I continue to make sure I read comments on my posts often and try to respond to them in a timely fashion.  I feel that I am having a good amount of interest in my posts since a good number of people are commenting.  I'm also proud to announce that I have a follower outside of class and I don't know him, at least i think I don't.  I'd give myself an A here.

Commenting on other blogs
I am still reading more posts than I'm commenting on.  I still don't like my comments to be compliments.  I still have a good number of comments I think.  I'd give myself an A- here.

Engaging with blogs/publications of similar topic
I have been able to find some blogs to connect to, such as the House blog.  And am searching for new sites all the time.  I don't link to blogs for every post, because I feel that I should write my own content instead of just summarizing others content.  As can be seen, most of my blog relates are because I found it interesting and though others would like the site as well.  I'd give myself a B+ here.

So, I give myself a B+ overall.

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