Science in Fiction

Science in Fiction

18 April 2011

Clowns & Scientists


My fiancé's brother suggested this video to me for my blog.  And while I don't condone the language in the video, I wish to address a section of the video.  Feel free to skip ahead to 1:52 min, because those are the lines that pertain to my point.  Here's the lyrics:

F***ing magnets, how do they work?
And I don't wanna talk to a scientist.
Y'all motherf***ers lying, and getting me pissed.

Okay, so, ICP has trust issues with scientists.  I will offer an alternative person to answer how magnets work in the next post.

[Edit] Stop motion videos take longer, and more effort than I realized.  Will post my response when I have more time.


  1. I love this music video. It's just full of laughable lyrics and incredibly ignorant ideas.

  2. I recall the first time I saw this video, I was rather in shock, gotta find a science communicator to explain one of the most simple concepts... woo.

  3. Oh boy. Might have to watch this in class next year, cept for the vulgarity. Also, who knew that ICP had a soft side? Almost brings a tear. You can't even hold it!