Science in Fiction

Science in Fiction

04 May 2011

Blog Evaluation the Third

Blog Format and Design (A)
I think my blog continues to be simple and easy to read.  The background is still not overwhelming or distracting from the content, though feminine.  The link colors are different enough from the regular font to be highly visible.  I make use of font syles to give emphasis while still being easy to read.  I believe that the layout is simple and makes it easy to navigate my blog.  My posts are being categorized with labels to make it easy to search for only one type of media.  I keep my paragraphs small for ease of skimming.

Posts (B)
Since quantity is being taken into concern, I have made my posts shorter but more numerous.  And I have done more than the required amount this cycle.  I  continue to make sure to embed videos when possible.  I include images to clarify topics or jazz up the post.  I am cycling through different forms of media in order to engage a variety of people.  My posts remain on topic, or at least cycle back around to topic.  I found other blogs and articles to relate to my posts.

Commenting on my blog (B)
I make sure to read comments on my posts often and try to respond to them in a timely fashion. I've had lost interest in my blog, and I accidentally deleted my comments not that long ago.

Commenting on other blogs (A)
Though I am reading a lot of posts, I am not commenting on each one.  I don't like my comments to be compliments.  So I only really comment when I have a question or something, that I feel, contributes to the topic at hand.  I still think that this adds up to an ample amount, though.

Engaging with blogs/publications of similar topic (A)
I have been searching around to find other blogs and articles that relate to my blog and have found quite a bit and have utilized them for my posts.

I give myself a B+ overall.

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