Science in Fiction

Science in Fiction

04 May 2011

Is Lie to Me Lying to You?

So, I absolutely adore this show.  But, how true to life is Lie to Me?  I recently read an article from Popular Mechanics, of all places, on the science behind the show.  It really is interesting what you can find on the internet when you're bored.

The main character, Cal Lightman, is based off of an actual person who has done research for many years on facial expressions.  This person is Dr. Paul Ekman and he has assisted people on expressions from the DoD to Pixar.  His research has been on how people, no matter ethnicity or origin, exhibit expressions that portray their actual intentions.  And also, as the show is called, lying.
So, it's only natural that Dr. Ekman is an advisor for the show.  And he claims that the show is 90% accurate, according to the article.  He even has a Lie to Me blog where he goes through each episode; it's a lot like the House blog I wrote about earlier.

I highly recommend checking out the show and Dr, Ekman's site.

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